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Well Repair in Fountain Inn, SC

Since 2012, Upstate Well Repair has been providing expert well pump repair, well pump installation, and well-drilling services for Greenville area residents. If you are searching for a well contractor in Fountain Inn, SC, that can get the job done right, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Upstate Well Repair today to request a service or free estimate!

Signs That Your Well Pump
Needs To Be Replaced

Homeowners who benefit from a water well know that there’s a cost for their freedom: the lurking knowledge that they will likely have to repair or replace their well pump eventually. A good well can make this more than worth the hassle, exempting you from town water bans, municipal water bills, and more. How do you know when your pump needs service or replacement? Here are some common signs of well pump issues:

No Water From Fixtures

This one is pretty obvious. If you don’t have water flowing from your well into your home, something is definitely wrong. If you don’t have a broken line, and if your well hasn’t run dry, then your pump is the most likely culprit. Start by checking your circuit breaker: turn off the pump, reset the breaker, and restart the pump. If it operates normally, then you’re good to go. If it fails to start, runs poorly, or blows the breaker, then you should contact an Upstate Well Repair tech.

Poor Water Pressure

While not exclusively a sign of pump issues, water pressure problems can stem from lost pump efficiency. If your pump is performing below its estimated capacity, then you’ll have less water delivered to your points-of-use, resulting in lower pressure and lower flow.

Constantly Running Pump

This can be a sign of an issue with either your pressure tank or your pump. If your pump is not drawing water from your well efficiently, it will run more often. As the issue worsens, it can run non-stop to keep your home supplied with fresh water.

Other Symptoms Include:

  • Dirty water
  • Abnormal noises
  • Air “spitting” from faucets

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